Tolecine is a Liquid Crystal Pharmaceutical (LCP®), an exciting new area for drug development. In the 1970's early liquid crystal research supported few biological applications. This work was primarily aimed at developing better LCD technologies responsible for today's multi-billion flat screen industry. More recently however, researchers have turned their interests to intricate biological applications of liquid crystals useful in medicine. Together with modern bioinformatics techniques, this has led to the discovery of liquid crystal properties that can more safely target and treat disease.

The properties of biologically active liquid crystals are complex. However useful mechanisms of action include cell signal inhibition, control of intracellular ROS, cell cycle, gene delivery and regulation of transcription factors responsible for genes necessary for regulatory processes.

Tolecine has been successfully tested for the treatment of many types of cancer and has been applied in animals to treat treat sexually transmitted disease. More recently, it has been used to accelerate wound healing. Consequently, LCP's such as Tolecine offer the prospect of less toxic, more effective new drugs for the treatment of disease.

IC-MedTech, Inc. is a privately held San Diego biopharmaceutical company engaged in early stage LCP development. The company utilizes commercial drug discovery techniques based on computational and laboratory screening for biologically relevant molecules. At the nano-scale the unique properties of liquid crystals are known to "switch on" physical, chemical and electronic mechanisms useful for treatment. The company owns exclusive rights to a family of pre-clinical compounds and methods useful as drugs.

IC-MedTech is focused on creating safe, effective, affordable new drugs. Based near San Diego, California the company's lead compounds are clinical phase small molecules that target inflammation.